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Thursday, December 16, 2010


The actor and Comedian, Nkem Owoh came to Malaysia for a show which was called KL Storm. He came together with Klint Da Drunk and Flavour Na Bania. The show was held at KL Live Storm.... Just some pictures of their grove while in Malaysia.

Funny faces......

Osuofia, Flavour n Klint

Learning how to use chop sticks.... This is a must watch, You would laugh so hard. I think he will add this to his next movie. I think he picked up a mee after 2 hours of

Lunch at a restaurant, with lots of jokes.

And you know how it is with celebrities, everone scrambling to take a picture. Chopa entertainment crew, organisers of the show, and some friends!

Flavour na bania... By the way, He is really really cute. Urghhhh!!!!! I forgot to get his number or bb pin. I will do so next time i see him.

It was a night of a thousand laughs together with live music and traditional dances. First comedy show ever... more to come. I guess next time they will add appearances of comedians such as basket mouth, i go die, etc.
Hi Viewers,

My profound apologies for not being able to blog for the past few months, Its been an enjoyable and also hectic 4 months for me. To all my followers and d ones that just drop by on my page, hope my apologies are accepted. I will be more frequent from today onwards. I was the makeup artist & costume designer for the movie, Most Wanted Queens. I'm never really been into the whole makeup thingy (although makeup is a large part of fashion). I did little in the facial makeup and more of the costume allocation.

The movie, Most Wanted Queens was produced by Chopa Entertainment. It is an african malaysian movie and you can view the thriller here on youtube. The audition went on well without a hitch. The production was really exhausting n time consuming. Some of the girls were really a pain in the ass with their constant whinning(Sorry girls if i hurt ur feelings, but its true). Apart from the day to day lateness, MIA, arguement between the actors n quarellings, the rest of the shooting went on well.

This production lot of friends which are still around even now the movie has finished. Most expecially a very good friend who has become like a brother to me (Though he is getting distant from me day by day). But he has been a good confidant n friend, I love you so much (Bad minds, i mean brotherly love). By the way, I have also been very close with my bff, Muneera. She is a super model, and I will upload her pictures one day in this site. The day she will deem it fit for me to put her pictures her ... FOR FREE, Lol!

Moreso, I have made lots of friends over this three months than i have in years.. For all these my new friends, old abiding ones, my followers, my viewers, I'm using this medium to thank you for making my year worth enjoying and wishing you all a merry christmas. Below are a few pictures of the artist in the movie, Most Wanted Queens

official launching of the movie

Red Carpet Movie Premiere

Monday, August 23, 2010

Guys and Fashion

What is totally wrong with guys these days. They go all around boasting about what they wear and how much it costs. I have met many guys who brag about what they wear and now they include it into their cards while asking a girl out.

I was with a girlfriend one day and a guy was trying to ask us out and he told all what he will do for me. He said he will take me shopping at india british.... (by the way its british india for those of you that dont know). Pls guys whenever you want to use a designer as a luring card, just know the name first. At least you wont look like a fool.

Secondly, there are those who knows the brand name but they boast about nothing. Now, the male troop are talking about what they wear and where they bought it from, when did you people become so girlish. And sadly the girls that have no idea about these brands fall for such stories.

Its a known fact that those that spend much on their garments do not go around boasting about it. A guy tells another i dont get my clothes from the normal shops, i buy my jeans from levi, my shirt from G2000, my belt from guess, my shoes from Aldo. Obviously u guys only roll out with those in your class and havent met people that cant be caught dead on those...

Pls dudes, have you ever heard of cavalli, zegna, versace, thomas pink etc. Girls the next day a guy brags low class brands, let him know that he is so not! No one really cares about what you wear. Whether is from off the streets or bought at an auction, just wear them and stop bragging.